The Paradise called Goa

Goa is a land blessed with its own natural and breath taking beauty. It is not only the sun, sand and blue sea that puts Goa as one of the best holiday destinations in the world but also the scenic beauty of the land makes it a Paradise on Earth.

Goa enjoys wonderful climate, best experienced during the winter months from October to end of March. During this time, the tourists love to lay back and enjoy the peaceful and solemnity of the land cruises and bathes in the pleasant sunshine of the fabulous beaches.

The monsoon in Goa is awesome. It is a different experience to feel and see the countryside wrapped up in a green carpet decorated with different flowers and rainbow paintings in the sky. It is the greenery of Goa that attracts tourist in large numbers to this land. In other words whether it is monsoon or winter or summer tourist rush to experience different season, as this is one place on earth where travelers completely surrender to the spirit of land and its hospitable people.

125 kilometers coastline of Goa has beautiful beaches in the world that offers glistering sands, swaying coconut palms and mouth-watering seafood. The unique mixture of sun sand and sea coupled with essence of local culture gives each beach a very distinct identity. Goa’s beaches always remain fresh, breathtaking and exciting because the tides washes these beaches twice a day and cleans out the dirt thus making it a clean and beautiful to lay on.

People and lifestyles
Goan people are famous for their warmth and their hospitality. They are easy and fun going and live their life in style and at a leisurely pace. Being passionate about dance and music they enjoy their lives at the fullest they love their food and drink feni ( Goa is famous for alcohol name Feni- It is distilled from cashews) Goan enjoys a unique lifestyle which reflects the perfect blending of the cultural influences that they have experienced over the centuries.

Music is an integral part of Goan life. It is said that Goan is born with music in his blood. Goan music is distinctive. They play western as well as Indian music but young muisican have also taken to western rock music. Therefore nightlife in Goa is unbelievable. There are number of discotheques and clubs where we have the best of Dj’s performing From whole of India. In addition we have the live bands giving you live music entertainment all night long. Also one man bands performs at the famous restaurants in Goa while you drink and dine.

Shopping in Goa
Shopping in Goa is amazing. The vistor’s gets fascinated when they get to shop and roam in the traditional Goan Weekly Market. Anjuna’s flea market and also Mapusa’s weekly Friday market are fantastic place for souvenir shopping. In addition Saturday nite bazaar at Arpora is also popular since it is the meeting place for all tourist who come from all parts of Goa to get together and have fun. Hence, it is just a great place to sit and watch the world go bye.
St. Mary Immaculate Conception Church, Panaji

Mapusa Market, Goa.

Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

Working In Paddy Fields